Example of QA/Test Engineer Resume for the first job in a Software Testing

Created by Roman Savin, web: QATutor.com.

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Anna Sobolevsky



17 Beautiful Way, San Francisco, CA 94118

Cell Phone: 415-000-00-00

Email: anna@qatutor.com



Position of entry level Test Engineer


Note to the potential employer:


I'm applying for my first job as a Test Engineer. I'm a smart, hardworking person who will perform above and beyond if you give me a chance.

Please consider me.


I'm willing to work unlimited hours.

I'm willing to work weekends and holidays.

I'm willing to work for minimal pay.


Personal Summary:


Strong problem-solving skills using a logical methodology. Self-motivated, strong organizational skills, reliable, capable of learning new technical skills quickly. Able to work under tight deadlines and rapidly changing priorities. Detail oriented and able to multitask. Works well with others as well as independently. Committed to sacrifice personal life to deliver high quality product on time.



Beta Testing Experience:


            Google, Inc. Project: Experimental Search.


Actively participated in the following subprojects:


            Alternate views for search results

            Keyword suggestions

            Keyboard shortcuts

            Left-hand search navigation

            Right-hand contextual search navigation


Found and reported to the Labs (labs+search@google.com) 3 P2 bugs found in keyboard shortcuts.

Created a user experience overview with a list of 12 feature requests and suggestions and sent it to the labs.


Software Experience:


Advanced computer user with PC, UNIX, and Mac experience

Advanced user of social networking websites: MySpace, YouTube, FaceBook

Advanced user of mobile video: MyWaves.com

Advanced user of electronic payments: PayPal

eBay merchant since 2002 with 142 positive feedbacks



Professional Experience:


Somecompany, Inc., San Francisco

September 2006-present

Sales Representative


One of top 5 sales representatives under age 30.

Minimized storage expenses by 15% by installing and maintaining sales tracking software.

Organized seminar, "Globalization and Sales Strategies," within the company.

Represented the company at the 23rd International Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Equipment.









Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology