Example of Bug Priority Definitions.

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Bug Priority Definitions



Types of issues




1. Critical reliability/performance issue*

2. Critical legal issue*

3. Critical business issue*

4. Critical security issue*

5. Core functionality** is not working; no workaround

For 1:

Site is dead


For 2:

Legal suit is filed (or about to be filed) against the company


For 3:

Integration with partner's site is broken


For 4:

Intruder's back door is discovered


For 5:

500 - Internal Server Error when user clicks link "Shopping Cart"




1. Major reliability/performance problem*

2. Major legal issue*

3. Major business issue*

4. Major security issue*

5. Core functionality is not working; workaround exists

For 1:

Unreasonably long time to load a Web page, e.g. 10 seconds.


For 2:

Owner has demanded to stop sales of the book.


For 3:

Inaccuracies in banner rotation


For 4:

Under certain condition, name and address of another user is displayed in Checkout page.


For 5:

Cannot complete purchase if card expiration date is this year.




1. Unpleasant but bearable reliability/performance issue*

2. Legal issue of moderate importance*

3. Business issue of moderate importance*

4. Security issue of moderate importance*

5. Functionality doesn't work (cases that don't fall into P1, P2, P4 categories)

For 1:

Intermittent delays loading a Web page.


For 2:

Age verification during user registration was not implemented.


For 3:

"Show Book" page is missing info about the publisher.


For 4:

Log out button doesn't work in some browsers


For 5:

Cannot search for keywords that consist of 3 characters or less




Cosmetic issue* of low importance that doesn't and won't affect reliability/performance, or legal, business, security sides of company operation.

Low importance/probability functional problems.


Problems with layout

* Issue can be present or potential

** Core functionality is functionality that is essential for the book sale, e.g., Shopping Cart or Checkout.