What is your QA Philosophy?

Software Testing Philosophy
Arthur Schopenhauer wonders what is YOUR testing philosophy! 🙂
Here is recap of my QA Philosophy:

‣ QA prevents bugs. Testing discovers bugs that were not prevented.

‣ Quality is a job of every participant of the software development process.

‣ QA and testing are sets of tools. Each project/company requires a custom solution and the right tools should be used for good results.

‣ QA automation is a tool too. Done right it saves millions. Done wrong it wastes millions.

‣ QA automation: the most important question is WHAT to automate, not HOW to automate.

‣ Four major causes of bugs:

    1. Lack of experience
    2. Bad attitude
    3. Miscommunication
    4. Faulty software development process

Fix them and you’ll have a good team and a good product.