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QATUTOR is a self-study interactive beginner to advanced course on Software QA and Testing

That’s how QATUTOR works:

– There are 12 Lectures that student studies online/via Textbook

– Student studies the materials, interacts with training software, does self-checks with online quizzes

– If needed, student asks teacher for help


Once studies are done:

– Student writes resume himself/or with teacher’s help

– Student starts job search

– Student goes to ALL interviews

Student is employed


QATUTOR method allows you to study QA at your own pace and time

This is not a book, this is comprehensive QA course with

– Interactive software

– Practical exercises

– Self-check quizes

– Professional QA Exam

– Certification

– QA resume evaluation

– Teacher support


There is no dry theory here. It’s all about practice. It’s all about getting QA job

QATUTOR is a powerful practical course
The main purpose of this course is to help you get QA job ASAP.

Multiple practical exercises will allow you to have hands-on QA experience by the time you start interviewing.

Solid job hunting system of QATUTOR will help you get advantage over thousands of others.

QATUTOR has unique training software
All course materials are linked to the training site.

Training site consists of online bookstore simulator and Test Portal where you can

  • file a bug
  • query database
  • see software source code
  • run QA automation
  • do many other practical exercises.
Your teacher is here for you

Whatever question you have, the teacher is here to support you.

Questions are answered from 6 am to 6 pm EST 5 days a week!.

QATUTOR members are supported even after they find jobs.

Where else will you get this kind of service?

Q. Do I need any prior computer knowledge or technical/computer education to find QA job?
A. Fortunately, no!

Manual testing - core of QA - doesn't require technical or computer background/training.

Technical knowledge does help and we’ll discuss this subject in details during the course.

Q. Are there many entry level jobs in QA Testing?
A. Yes, check out hiring sites or our Junior QA Jobs page.

There are hundreds of junior tester's jobs!

Manual testing will always be needed and there will always be a need in reliable knowledgeable junior testers.

Q. How much is QA Tester's salary?
A. Median salary for entry-level QA is $74,122.00 a year.

Median salary of QA engineer with several years of experience is $107,847.00 a year.

Not counting bonuses and stock options...

Source: salary.com using data for Sunnyvale, CA.

Q. When does new class start?
A. With QATUTOR you are flexible to study QA whenever you want.

There are no class schedules or deadlines.

Proceed at your pace, do exercises, ask teacher questions - you are a master of your time.

Q. Can I get Professional QA Certificate?
Yes, QATUTOR offers professional exam and in case of successful completion you'll instantly get Professional QA Certificate.

Q. How long it takes to study the whole course?
A. It depends on a student and how many hours a day he/she studies.

Self-study usually takes from 1 to 3 months.