Software QA Testing – your ticket to software industry

QA Testing as ProfessionEverybody wants to work for a cool software company! You change the world, you are surrounded by smart people, you make a great living.

But how would you join a software company if you don’t know how to code or if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science?

Luckily there is a profession that gives people of different backgrounds a ticket to enter software industry.

This profession is called: Software QA Testing.

What is it? Basically, there are several stages of software development:

First we should come up with idea how software should look or work.
Second, we develop the code to implement that idea.
Third, we test software and fix bugs.
Fourth, we release the software to our customer(-s).

Not only QA Test Engineers test the code, they also work on improving software development process.

The great part is that solid QA Engineers come from different backgrounds: finance, law, science, economics – you name it. You don’t need to know coding or have Computer Science degree to test software.

But how is it possible? It’s because the core of manual QA Testing is about

1. Thinking and acting like a user
2. Attention to details
3. Desire to find problems in software or in software development process.

In order to get Junior QA job you’ll need to

1. Learn practical aspects of QA methodology
2. Write resume
3. Hunt for a job.

QATUTOR is practical interactive self-study course with teacher support that helps you to:

1. Learn all important aspects of manual QA testing (Black Box Testing)
2. Get practical skills in bug finding and reporting
3. Show you actual work experience from QA perspective
4. Effectively hunt for a job using QATUTOR job searching method

Since 2008, QATUTOR course was taken by thousands of students from every part of the world. So many of them are employed now – they changed their lives to the best and hence the world was changed to the best!

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