What is your QA Philosophy?

Here is recap of my QA Philosophy: ‣ QA prevents bugs. Testing discovers bugs that were not prevented. ‣ Quality is a job of every participant of the software development process. ‣ QA and testing are sets of tools. Each project/company requires a custom solution and the right tools should be used for good results. […]

4 ways to get remote QA job

Remote jobs are attractive: – you don’t have to spend time, money and nerves for commute to the office – you have a better work/life balance – you can live in a cheap country, but get salary from the expensive country. – you don’t have to meet many people you don’t want to meet. What […]

Learn manual QA first, get hired, learn QA automation

Question: I want to do QA automation, but I have zero QA experience Here is what I recommend: Learn manual testing first Get hired ONCE you are hired, learn QA automation Beginner QA testers should concentrate on ONE task: GETTING HIRED. Find a job first. Once you are employed, there will be a lot of […]

Question about QA automation that I receive every day

Question: Do I need to learn QA automation to get my first QA job? Let’s think like a hiring manager and compare requirements for manual QA and QA automator. Manual QA should: Know how to test software Know how to file bugs Be familiar with software development process Ideally have a good domain knowledge, e.g., […]

Will manual testers be replaced by AI? (spoiler: Yes)

There is good news and there is bad news. Let me start with bad news: AI (Artificial Intelligence) WILL replace software testers. Let me continue with good news – the process (of replacement) will probably take a while and we’ll become jobless right before AI takes over humanity – the point when we are basically […]

Is QA for everyone? Absolutely NOT!

QA Testing is a ticket to software industry. No so often you can get high-paying job after a quick training. Not so many professions provided so many people with a chance to change their lives for better. In a way, QA Testing is a ticket to American Dream. But if it’s so simple, why cannot […]

Software QA Testing – your ticket to software industry

Everybody wants to work for a cool software company! You change the world, you are surrounded by smart people, you make a great living. But how would you join a software company if you don’t know how to code or if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science? Luckily there is a profession that […]