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Quick intro

Lecture 2 - The Purpose of Testing -> Quick Intro -> Exposing Misconceptions

The purpose of testing is to find and address bugs BEFORE those bugs are found and addressed by users.

Let’s elaborate on the terms “find and address.”

Testers find bugs by using testing techniques.

Testers address bugs by:

            – bug reporting and,

– after the concrete bug is fixed,

                        > verifying that the bug was really fixed

                        > checking to see if new bugs have been introduced as a result of the bug fix

Users find bugs by using our Web site.

Users address bugs by being pissed off and/or calling customer support, and/or going to our competitors, and/or filing lawsuits against us.

Every time a user finds a bug, it negatively affects his or her happiness in being our customer. We, as testers, care about the happiness of our users, and we show our care by effective testing.

Please note that if a tester finds a bug, but doesn’t address it, his or her testing makes no sense, because an unreported bug will not be fixed. It’s like having a winning lottery ticket and not taking it to the lottery organizers.

The ideal situation is when the testing process discovers and addresses ALL bugs. But the truth is that ideal situations are often far from reality when we are dealing with software. Read on! Next ->

Lecture 2 - The Purpose of Testing -> Quick Intro -> Exposing Misconceptions