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Lecture Recap

Lecture 11 - How to Find Your First Job in Testing -> Why You Have A Real Chance To Find A Job In Testing -> Mental Tuning -> Job Hunting Activities -> Lecture Recap -> Questions & Exercises

1. There will always be a need for an inexpensive yet smart and motivated workforce in software testing. USE that need to get your first job!!!

2. Getting a job in software testing with zero experience is absolutely a realistic thing.

3. For your first job, your attitude is of primary importance.

4. The gist of having a right attitude is simple: GIVING.

5. Mantra of beginner tester:

“I’m willing to work unlimited hours.”

“I’m willing to work on weekends and holidays.”

“I’m willing to work for any amount of money.”

6. Stages of job hunt:

ACTIVITY 0: Tune up your attitude.

ACTIVITY 1: Let people in your network know that you are looking for an entry-level position in testing.

ACTIVITY 2: Create a resume.

ACTIVITY 3: Find recruiting agencies that look for professionals for software companies in your target market.

ACTIVITY 4: Launch a campaign dedicated to self-promotion.

ACTIVITY 5: Interview successfully and get a job.

7. Your network can give you an easy path to employment.

8. Professional networking tools: LinkedIn and Facebook.

9. Always have your resume ready, and don’t be shy about emailing it.

10. A resume is the presentation of your knowledge and your virtues.

11. One of the most challenging and important things for your first resume (for testing job) is to find previous activities that relate to testing and make an effective presentation using that info.

12. While creating a resume, use

– concrete figures to demonstrate your achievements

– powerful verbs and adjectives to express your key points

13. Wherever you work, make sure to keep records of important things you do for your company.

14. Get an experience in beta testing.

15. Think twice before putting your home phone in your resume.


17. Get second opinion about your resume.

18. Use editing services of native speaker to polish your resume if you are looking for a job in a foreign country.

19. Big Four Web sites for those looking employment in the U.S.:

– CraigsList.com

– Dice.com

– HotJobs.com

– Monster.com

20. Recruiter is the best friend of a job hunter.

21. Keep checking for new job postings, and update your list of recruiters every day.

22. Looking for a job is also a JOB!

23. Two main approaches during job hunt:

– Passive search

– Active search

24. Things to do before the interview:

A. Get as much information as possible about the company: product(s), business model, partners, competitors, market, history, culture, founders, etc.

B. Involve your network.

C. If possible, try to actually use the company’s product(s).

D. Get a nice haircut; clean, good-looking clothes and shoes; and try to get some sleep.

25. Things about live interview:

1. Arrive on time.

2. Have a firm handshake and look directly into the interviewer’s eyes.

3. Answer questions without any unnecessary details (remember the story about “Sunflowers”)

4. Be friendly, yet considerate.

5. If the interviewer wants to talk, let him talk.

6. NEVER speak negatively about your previous or current employers. THIS IS AGAINST THE RULES. Negativity is an opportunity killer. NEVER be negative at an interview.

7. Always remember that during the interview, the interviewer is analyzing you as a potential coworker.

8. Honesty and sincerity win hearts. “I don’t know, but I’ll learn it” is the best thing to say when you don’t know the answer.

9. Don’t get upset or angry if the interview doesn’t go smoothly.

10. Never cancel an interview until you accept a job offer.

11. Remember that an interview is a DIALOG, not an interrogation.

12. Use professional terms.

13. Remember and promote your mantra.

14. Make a speech at the end of your interview.

15. Always send a thank-you email to the interviewer after the interview.

26. Employment is a conjunction of two needs: need in employee and need in employer. Next ->

Lecture 11 - How to Find Your First Job in Testing -> Why You Have A Real Chance To Find A Job In Testing -> Mental Tuning -> Job Hunting Activities -> Lecture Recap -> Questions & Exercises