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Student Testimonials. Software testing and QA training.

I love and enjoy the course. Thanks very much for this good work.
Greg S.

I just wanted to let you know that using your Resume and Job Hunting tips I actually did find a Help Desk/Tech Support up to Level 2 position!!:) I started on Monday, February 8th.

Roman, I cannot THANK YOU enough for your HELP!! 🙂 I have recommended your website to a couple of my friends who are now in the process of job hunting. As I stated the tips, suggestions and advice you offer are ALL absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!

Michelle B.

I don’t even remember how I found your book online, but I got excited I could get more skills and knowledge from you. So yeah, I decided to buy your book. On the 5th page I decided to email you saying I appreciate what you’re doing for us (teaching us) and giving us the possibility to move on with our lives, change our lives, change our vision on this world. I felt stuck for 3 years in the restaurant business, but now I have hope I can do more, I can be more productive.
The book looks very easy to read (although it’s just the beginning). I hope you’re doing great and want to wish you more inspiration for everything you do.

Thank you again, and good luck!

Sincerely, Anton S.

Dear Roman;
Today I have finished QA lessons. I am very glad to be audience of this magnificent course. Thanks for them!
I hope I could get many inspirations from it.

Thanks a billion for this great opportunity!
Ziyahan A.

I’m writing this email to thank you, Roman! First of all for your attitude. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on QA including your site qatutor.com and I’m really impressed how kind you are to your students. Thanks to you I realized what I want to do in my life! You can be sure that you changed a life of a stranger!
Alexey U.

I’ve just finished reading your book and I’m still under impression, especially after reading last pages. I thank you very much for your positive influence on my motivation.
Ekaterina T.

I used to work at IT department of the large bank. I wanted a change and decided to become a software tester. My pal from college who is experienced QA has recommended me your book. I read it fast! It’s written in simple language, it’s interesting, it’s right to the point.

In 4 months after I read your book, I’m already hired as QA at the big IT company. I’m involved into interesting project and my team is very friendly!

Thank you for your book that allowed me to achieve my goal.
Nikolai O.

Your book has saved my life. I’ve just finished reading and would like to thank you for the words of encouragement and your true story in a new country. I’m in the beginning to land my QA job.
Olena G.

Your book is a masterpiece. I’m so grateful! It was your book that allowed me to get my first job in QA. Now I want to deepen my knowledge and I found out that there is not many good books on QA, and those which are good are written in hard to understand style… but I really want something as simply written as YOUR COURSE.

I am a huge fan of your work.
Vasil D.

…I was browsing the internet and found your course absolutely accidentally. And you know, in these few days, that I’ve been studying with the help of your lectures, I learned a whole lot more, than during 5 months, that I’ve been trying to get ready for the exam.
Stacy L.

Your book did what 5 years of college couldn’t do – it gave me reliable platform to jump into software industry. What a happy feeling it was when I my got job offer!
Denis D.

I decided to write an email to say how grateful I am for your book. I was able to find a job with its help and now I’m doing testing on real estate web-site for company N in Saint Petersburg. All my IT friends were telling me that I don’t really have a chance to find a job, but I got 3(!) job offers and chose a company most appealing for me. I don’t have any background in computer science, that’s why your super understandable book was a true discovery for me – everything is explained till tiny details. Your book allows me to come into absolutely new environment and to start working productively – there are no tutors for me, I am the only tester. I like my new job very much; I feel that finally I found my dream job. Thank you; it’s great what you did!
Katherine P.

I’m so excited to share with you that I got a very positive feedback on a job interview last Monday. They will follow up next week for a job offer ( Junior Business Analyst). I must tell you that I have studied your book, especially on the SDLC chapter and the interview techniques. It was so helpful. Thank you for spreading that knowledge to us. Have a great day.
Ngau T.

Hi Roman, This book is great!!! I just wanted to thank you for the help that you have provided and to me via u r book and its like a bible to me as it helped to land job in SW Testing. I am quite experienced in SW development but wanted to change because of my liking for testing, and after reading your book i took the challenge and it worked for me.
Sathish G.

Dear Roman, your course gave my confidence that everything will be OK. I’ve used your tactics of passive and active job search and went to all interviews. That’s how I got interview experience! Your advice about sending resume to the software companies that don’t publish vacancies gave me my golden chance. I was invited for interview, I’ve passed it and got a job.
Lena S.

Up to this point, your course is just like angel that helps me get out from the darkness.
Angga S.

Hello Roman, I read your book about How to become a good tester and I learned awesome things from it. I think it is very well done and written and it is a book that everyone who does testing should read.
Petar H.

Roman, I wanted to thank you very much for your book! I’m just in the beginning in my journey of becoming a software tester. Having spent some good time looking for the information about the testing, I have to say that your book with all your thoughts and practical advices was like a fresh air in the locked room.
Dmitriy B.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that our boss from our QA department made us read through your tutorial. I wanted to thank you and let you know that your tutorials were a pleasure to read, not boring and dry.
Nancy M.

Just want to thank you. Your material is so well delivered, so well organized, so cleverly put together that had I not had already this passion for testing in me I would have gotten passionate about QA just from reading your course.
Yana Y.

This is an excellent overview of how to do professional software Quality Assurance. The text is very detailed with many examples and exercises covering both the philosophy and specific tactics of testing. There’s even a section on how to find a job in the industry that’s, despite my general distaste for most how to land a job advice, is actually quite charming and effective. I’ve hired many QA engineers, and can vouch for the effectiveness of much of the material here…If you’re serious about becoming a software tester, I can’t think of a better way to start.
Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote

I read Roman’s book How to become a software qa tester : This material is one of the best introductions to testing I’ve read, and it gives the non experience tester a view of how important qa role is, this is especially important for folks who have been thrown into testing. This is the kind of book you’ll want to read from cover-to-cover,. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to learn about software testing at the beginning level!
Klavdia G.

I must thank you for the well written Practical Course. It gave me a total different view on Software testing…After a few minutes searching on google I found your site. Started reading and got hooked… I’m now confident that I can become a software tester and will go by your advices.
Dennis A.

Thank you for your book on software testing. That is the only one I actually took with me to USA when moving. And can say now that have never seen any more practice and result oriented one
Alex F.

I want to express my gratitude for your amazing book. I hope that it will serve as a valuable source of knowledge for many generations of Russian software testers.
Alex G.

Every subject must be taught in a way Roman teaches software testing.

This author has a very unique style of writing; you have an impression of sitting and drinking beer with him, chatting in a friendly and humorous manner. Nevertheless, he educates the reader about very important topics and generously shares practical advice from his own experience.
GrinD3R, LiveJournal

I recommend this book to both QA newbies and QA gurus.
eye4u, GovorimPro.Us

it is real deal. solid indeed. innovative approach and excellent easy-to-read style.


Excelent book for SW testers !!!

A very good text book for beginner testers. I would recommend this to anyone who want to start your software testing.

Reviews at Google Books

This book explains the ABCs of testing in a simple way. Although, the primary audience is beginners, the book contains substantial knowledge on the subject.

This book will also be useful for experienced testers – at least to find any omissions in their testing practices.

I’d recommend starting with this book and then moving to Kaner’s Testing Computer Software. That way the latter will be much easier to understand.

At last I’ve found a book that helps me totally understand the gist and main objective of a QA job! Its target audience are folks who have no idea about testing or the world of software development.

Testimonials on www.oz.by

This textbook has a style similar to internet blogs; here you won’t find any academic definitions or methods. All subjects are covered in lively language in an easy-to-understand way. Amusing stories from real life, funny illustrations, good advice on how to communicate with potential employers and colleagues – all this makes the reading very interesting. Time spent with this book is well spent!
Igor K.

Although this is technical reading, it was amazingly captivating. There are little omissions, but overall this is the best book out there for beginner testers.
Anonymous, moikrug.ru

Roman’s recommendations are simply invaluable. The materials presented in his book systemized my understanding of testing and changed the way I do my job. There are only a few books like this that have such a joyful and simple way of explaining things. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!
I regret that I didn’t read this book a year and a half ago…
Nikita S.

The author uses simple language and has a fascinating way of explaining the principles of a tester’s work in an internet company (although in my opinion, this book is great not only for testers of internet startups, but for anyone in software development)… I personally found a lot of interesting information…
Dr.Linux at Linuxforum.ru

The humorous style makes this book easy to read, and at the same time the author communicates very important aspects of software development. … All the materials can be practically applied as you read this book… This book belongs to the must have kind.
Alex S.

I’m sure that everyone who wants to develop testing skills can easily pass an interview after studying your book.
Ilya D.

Roman’s approach to teaching is targeted towards the practical aspects of testing; there is no excessive theory here.
Anna G.

This book will take just a little of your time, but it will give you both a deep understanding of testing and the practical tools to start a new career.
Vadim P.

This is a must-have book for everyone who wants to be a tester
Oldman, software-testing.ru

This book really impressed me. It’s written in an easy to read manner. It’s all about practice. Testing is presented not as a boring obligation, but as a lifestyle :) … I think that this book will be useful for testers of all levels of professional expertise.
Kseniya, www.ozon.ru