What is your QA Philosophy?

Software Testing Philosophy

Arthur Schopenhauer wonders what is YOUR testing philosophy! 🙂

Here is recap of my QA Philosophy:

‣ QA prevents bugs. Testing discovers bugs that were not prevented.

‣ Quality is a job of every participant of the software development process.

‣ QA and testing are sets of tools. Each project/company requires a custom solution and the right tools should be used for good results.

‣ QA automation is a tool too. Done right it saves millions. Done wrong it wastes millions.

‣ QA automation: the most important question is WHAT to automate, not HOW to automate.

‣ Four major causes of bugs:

    1. Lack of experience

    2. Bad attitude

    3. Miscommunication

    4. Faulty software development process

Fix them and you’ll have a good team and a good product.

Is QA for everyone? Absolutely NOT!

QA Testing is not for everyoneQA Testing is a ticket to software industry. No so often you can get high-paying job after a quick training. Not so many professions provided so many people with a chance to change their lives for better. In a way, QA Testing is a ticket to American Dream.

But if it’s so simple, why cannot ANYONE do it?

Let me ask you this question? Is dancing simple? It’s not rocket science, right?

Dancing is simple, but it’s not easy. QA is also simple in some sense, because main principles, concepts and approaches are something that most of average people would understand.

But when it’s time to apply the knowledge, there comes a hard part.

QA is relatively simple to understand, but hard to do.

Employers don’t pay money for what’s in your head, for your theoretical understanding of something. They pay money for concrete results of your work.

You can be genius QA theoretician, but if your bug summaries and descriptions suck, your theoretical knowledge has zero value.

Anyone can dance, cook, write or invest like an amateur, but few can become professional dancers, chefs, writers or investors, because you have to have what it takes to become a professional in any of these areas.

The same is with QA. QA professional is not the one who simply understands stuff, QA professional is somebody who is ready to put hard work towards QA profession.

The most successful of my students who joined QATUTOR without software development or QA background are those who have achieved something already. That happens because people who achieve stuff on their own are hard workers. And if somebody was working hard at the financial firm or survived the perils of immigration process, he/she will likely work hard towards QA profession.

I also want to mention two other aspects:

Aspect 1: Some people just don’t get it (QA). When I was just starting to teach I had a new student – man in his 40s, very solid chess player, let’s call him John.

Having respect for the intellect that takes to be really good at chess, I expected that John will pick up QA with easy. To my surprise, he couldn’t get the simplest things that the whole class was going through with ease. It’s a mystery to me, but it’s a fact.

Aspect 2: Some people just don’t believe it, – “It’s impossible that you can take 2 month class and earn good money”. Thousands and thousands took 2 months QA class and are earning good money.

QA has changed lives of thousands to the better. It’s not a matter of faith, it’s a fact. And I’m proud that I can help so many people to achieve their dreams.