Learn manual QA first, get hired, learn QA automation

Question: I want to do QA automation, but I have zero QA experience Here is what I recommend: Learn manual testing first Get hired ONCE you are hired, learn QA automation Beginner QA testers should concentrate on ONE task: GETTING HIRED. Find a job first. Once you are employed, there will be a lot of […]

Question about QA automation that I receive every day

Question: Do I need to learn QA automation to get my first QA job? Let’s think like a hiring manager and compare requirements for manual QA and QA automator. Manual QA should: Know how to test software Know how to file bugs Be familiar with software development process Ideally have a good domain knowledge, e.g., […]

Will manual testers be replaced by AI? (spoiler: Yes)

There is good news and there is bad news. Let me start with bad news: AI (Artificial Intelligence) WILL replace software testers. Let me continue with good news – the process (of replacement) will probably take a while and we’ll become jobless right before AI takes over humanity – the point when we are basically […]

QA 101. Four sets of essential skills to start your career in software testing and QA

Here are four sets of essential skills to become effective right away once you are hired as a software tester / QA engineer. You should know: 1. How to explore software 2. How to apply black box testing techniques 3. How to generate test cases 4. How to file bugs 1. HOW TO EXPLORE SOFTWARE […]

Software QA Testing – your ticket to software industry

Everybody wants to work for a cool software company! You change the world, you are surrounded by smart people, you make a great living. But how would you join a software company if you don’t know how to code or if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science? Luckily there is a profession that […]

Your first QA job: valuable experience, first QA experience, internal transfer, job market.

Question: After QATUTOR course do I still need to try and get experience? Or I can just start looking for a job? Answer: That really depends on your previous non-QA job experience and on a job market. My student just got employed, because he had strong background in finance – his primary value to employer […]