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QA Teacher

Roman Savin

I am a software testing practitioner and educator specializing in the topics of software testing and career development.

My mission statement:

– I help my clients to improve their software

– I help my students to improve their lives

Email: roman qatutor com


LinkedIn references


Staff QA Developer


“Roman is not just a QA engineer. He is dedicated to the profession of Quality Assurance as a doctor is to medicine. Roman’s ability to test in depth and to program and automate ongoing monitoring and maintenance testing has been a large contributor to our success.”

Michelle Six, Chief Architect, mywaves, managed Roman at mywaves

“Roman is perhaps the most passionate person I’ve worked with at MyWaves and his QA talents were also largely noticed and appreciated far outside his own department. Engineers and non-engineers alike can attest to his focused pursuit of improving the company in any way he can.”

Billy Ramirez, Deployment Specialist, MyWaves, worked with Roman at mywaves

“Roman is a first-class QA Engineer who really knows is stuff and was a great asset to have on my team. His test plans were always thorough and very well thought out, from the highest-level perspective down to the smallest details. With Roman on my team, I could trust that if my code passed QA, it was ready to roll to the live site. Plus, with Roman’s automation skills, I could have the confidence that my code would continue to be tested regularly. If I had the chance, I would definitely work with Roman again.”

Jason Fisher, Senior Server-Side Software Engineer, Mywaves, worked directly with Roman at mywaves

“Roman is the brightest QA engineer I’ve ever encountered in my professional career. He has superior QA skills in all areas; developing test strategies for complex projects, creating detailed test plans, writing automation test suits. Roman is a true team player, works well with all levels within the company, and has a very high positive attitude. His development and QA peers respected him and have expressed how much they enjoyed working with him. I offer my most sincere recommendation of his skills and would appreciate the opportunity to provide additional information.”

Alexander Babichev, Senior Software Engineer, Mywaves Inc, worked directly with Roman at MyWaves.com

“I recruited Roman to MyWaves when he chose to leave PayPal. Roman is a top caliber QA Developer and a great asset in any start-up or large company. I look forward to working with Roman again soon.”

Peter Ashley, Vice President, Mywaves Inc, worked with Roman at MyWaves.com

Sr. QA Architect


“If you’re ever lucky enough to work with or hire Roman Savin, seize the moment and thank your lucky stars for the opportunity. He doesn’t just make a product better – he makes your team better. Roman is always patient, and generous with his knowledge and his time. At PayPal, he developed numerous tools in python which improved testing not just for his group but for several others. His diligence, thoroughness, and technical skills made PayPal’s services better, and his co-workers life easier. Above all, Roman is pleasant to work with, day-to-day or when the chips are down.”

Stephen Bagger, Senior SQA Engineer, eBay / PayPal, worked directly with Roman at PayPal

“Roman has a great knowledge of PayPal system and possesses excellent technical and human skills. He takes quality of PayPal application seriously and consistently tries to improve it with best practices and solutions, like prioritizing testcases for regression testing or writing fast, effective and easy to maintain automation scripts. He is always ready to sacrifice his personal time for the sake of the company and happy to share his knowledge with others. I’d be delighted to work with him again.”

Sergei Nikolaev, Staff Software Engineer, PayPal.com, worked with Roman at PayPal

“While working with Roman, I was quickly impressed with his work ethic, results-oriented attitude and, most importantly, his passion for going beyond simply what needed to be done. Roman did both what needed to be done and what *should* be done – even if the latter meant extra long hours. He had a desire to show his full range of capabilities while also looking to expand his opportunities and abilities and not to stop growing and evolving. He was an excellent hire and I am proud to have had him as a key employee during my QA Directorship time at PayPal.”

Cameron Bigger, Director, Quality Engineering (SQA), PayPal, managed Roman at PayPal

“Roman is an excellent SQA Engineer. He has very strong technical skills. Using his Python skills, he created a library of Python scripts that made the QA engineers more efficient. Also, he set up Python classes to help educate other QA engineers about how we use Python at PayPal. He is definitely an asset to the organization. We are lucky to have him.”

John Canicosa, SQA Engineer, PayPal – eBay, worked with Roman at PayPal

“I worked with Roman for over four years at PayPal. He is a dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic employee and knowledgeable in the Software Development Life Cycle. Roman not only is an expert in Python but takes initiative to teach fellow QA Engineers. He is an asset to anyone who is looking for a strong leader on a team.”

David Carlisle, QA Manager, PayPal, worked directly with Roman at PayPal

Sr. QA Engineer

Andale, Inc

“Roman was a stellar QA engineer and was the QA department during the early days of Andale. He setup processes, automation and hired others from his network into the company. Roman was passionate about quality, so work was never work for hire. There were times that he would work and sleep at the office for days, but he was able to do it with a smile because he really loved his job. I recommend him wholeheartedly and I see him having a great career. I do hope I can work with him in the future.”

Prashant Nedungadi, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Andale Inc., managed Roman at Andale, Inc